The Arab Spring Is Still a Little Late This Year

Whatever happened to the Arab Spring that was supposed to usher in forms of modernity in the Arab world?  Remember the expectations of peaceful change, justice, reduction of poverty, democratic institutions? Surprisingly, small incidents in Arab countries, beginning with the self-immolation for a trivial reason of a 26-year-old street vendor in Tunis on December 18, 2010, led to widespread demonstrations in Tunisia and throughout the area.  Though they were not based on any particular ideology, nor articulated in any precise manner, the protests appeared to be concerned with  high unemployment, high food prices, lack of freedoms of expression, criticism of arbitrary power and corruption of the ruling person or group, and greater economic equality.  Have the lives of the 350 million Arabs in the 19 predominantly Arab states changed in any real way for the better in political or economic terms? Rather than ushering in harmonious relationships and desirable...(Read Full Article)