The American Oligarchs

The political history and mores of the late Roman Republic shed interesting light on the current governing elite in DC and the state of the American republic. In his classic study of the last days of the Roman Republic titled The Roman Revolution, Sir Ronald Syme presents a scholarly yet vivid account of how Rome lost its republic after it had gained an empire. Beginning around 60 B.C., Sir Ronald reveals how the nearly five hundred year old republican institutions of the cit were finally consumed in a massive blaze of civil wars, partisan politics, individual political ambition, and a complete loss of restraint and adherence to tradition. Sir Ronald's chronicle of the last days of the Roman Republic, the only republic of historical significance to precede our own, sheds interesting light on the present state of the American republic. Sir Ronald makes clear that for most of the later Republican period, Rome was governed by an oligarchy comprised of two political...(Read Full Article)