Stop the (Obamacare) World, I Want to Get Off

Free Trade is one of the great economic boons to which we owe a large measure of our prosperity. The fact that we can buy shirts from Malaysia, electronics from Japan, wine from France and bananas from Costa Rica makes not just us but the Malaysians, the Japanese, les Fran├žais and los Costaricenses much better off than any of us could possibly be by growing, manufacturing, or otherwise producing everything within the borders of our own country. As nations develop and advance up the economic ladder, they become capable of increasingly high-order creative design and engineering, able to outsource lower-order assembly to less advanced countries and to trade on an equal footing with the world's leaders. 'Made in China' typically means: designed in the USA, manufactured in Japan, Germany, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and/or the USA (still the world leader in manufacturing despite noise to the contrary), and finally assembled, at the end of the chain, in China....(Read Full Article)