'Stand Your Ground' Against the Left

Dishonestly interweaving the Zimmerman trial with Florida's "stand your ground" law, even though that law was not invoked during the trial, Attorney General Holder has capitalized upon another crisis that should not go to waste. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Holder has merely fabricated the latest crisis. This administration has a disturbing propensity for manipulating tragedy and doing all in its power to jab sharp objects into open wounds. To Holder and the president, the isolated events involving Trayvon Martin, which have not been publicly replicated anywhere else in America on any regular or reported basis, serve as yet another excuse to launch sweeping radical attacks on the rights of all Americans. They loathe the ability of citizens to protect themselves against the left's predators, whether social or political. Just as the president and his minions rely entirely upon "straw men" to lie to their audiences about imaginary demons, they employ "straw facts"....(Read Full Article)