Selective 'Race Baiting' Continues

Al Sharpton, et al. convicted George Zimmerman. The MSM, with NBC leading the way, also convicted Zimmerman. Fortunately, the U.S. is a country of law, so a trial by jury was held. Still, "race baiters" nearly got Zimmerman convicted. To say that Al Sharpton (and the MSM) is trying to keep the George Zimmerman acquittal verdict alive would be quite an understatement. So, to make Al Sharpton and the MSM appear foolish (not at all difficult to do), to illustrate that they have a double standard, to show that "face time" and ratings and money are their primary motivating factors, consider the Roderick Scott-Christopher Cervini case from 2008-9. Never heard of that case? Well, I'm not surprised. The case did not make national headlines because it was not loudly trumpeted by Al Sharpton, or the MSM, or any other race baiter. Yet the case was eerily similar to the Zimmerman-Martin case. Race was present, death was present, a call to 911 was present, the person killed didn't have a gun,...(Read Full Article)