Schadenfreude, Michigan, and Mitt's Big Fumble

See also: How Detroit Almost Killed My Business In all honesty, I am having a hard time not feeling a touch of schadenfreude as the abject disaster of the once great city of Detroit becomes obvious. I'm not defending that response -- and I do have other emotions as well -- I'm just being honest. You probably feel it too. After all, we both know that people in the Motor City, and the state of Michigan in fact, have brought this doom on themselves with their very liberal ballot habits of the past 60 years. Conservatives have warned them about it for at least several decades, to no avail. Hell, even a casual viewing of Gran Torino or the show Hardcore Pawn tells the story's inevitable end. This is a colossal "we told you so" moment -- and something Biblical about reaping and sowing comes to mind. On the other hand, with the failure of the liberal mecca of Detroit imminent, and the reasons for it obvious to anyone not named Melissa Harris Perry -- or is it Melissa Perry Harris -- this...(Read Full Article)