Same-sex Marriage meets German Politics

Hamburg, Germany's former mayor, the 58-year-old Carl-Friedrich Arp Ole Freiherr von Beust, "has married his friend of several years," the German newsweekly Der Spiegel reported on June 25, 2013. Der Spiegel referenced thereby a private ceremony five weeks earlier between Ole von Beust, as he is commonly known, and a 22-year old man. Following my previous Mercatornet report of a German parliamentarian's"family" involving a male homosexual couple, a female homosexual couple, and the daughter born through artificial insemination between them, Beust's "marriage" raises yet more high-profile questions about the integrity of marriage in Germany and beyond. Beust's partner is the university student Lukas Förster, whom Beust came to know in 2009 as the then gymnasium (high school) student Förster had an internship at Hamburg city hall. As an article in Germany's conservative Die Welt newspaper stated, the couple's registration under Germany's Life Partnership Law...(Read Full Article)