Rolling Stoned: From Che Guevara to Dzojar Tsarnayev

The Rolling Stone's cover glamorizing Dzojar Tsarnayev should not have surprised: the cultural left was born hating American power and blaming it for the poverty and oppression of indigenous, darker skinned, Third Worlders  who naturally and justifiably hate us. Expressing admiration for violent anti-Americans has for a long time been a way for the disaffected to exclaim how much they are not like the white imperialists they live among, how - unlike us, they are noble souls, standing with the righteous and the oppressed. In his masterful book, "Bobos in Paradise," New York Times columnist and author, David Brooks, explained -- better than anyone before him -- how therapeutic this sort of thing can be for middle class youth who find themselves living off the wealth of their parents -- and Western capitalism in general -- a wealth they sense is undeserved, a wealth they feel traps them in an immorally privileged corner. In the sixties, these folks cried out against their...(Read Full Article)