Pelosi's 'Dependence Day' Pitch

There has always been something powerfully unique in the American observation of Independence Day. And if nothing else exemplifies this, it is the fact that other Western nations get it so incredibly wrong when they try to emulate it. Some years back after the London tube bombings, for example, the British government was bandying ideas to rouse patriotic sentiments among its people. Then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown suggested the creation of "a British equivalent of the U.S. Fourth of July." What day might sufficiently rally the British people to celebrate their own identity as the Americans do? Mark Steyn writes, "The Labour Party think-tank, the Fabian Society, proposed that the new "British Day" should be July 5th, the day the National Health Service was created. Because the essence of British identity is waiting two years for a hip operation. A national holiday every July 5th: They can call it Dependence Day." There is no mystery as to why Americans hold Independence Day so dear,...(Read Full Article)