Palestine -- the Binational State That Can Work

It is a pity that U.S. Secretary for State John Kerry still believes that a two-state solution is possible after twenty years of failed negotiations between Israel and the PLO to achieve such a result under the Oslo Accords and the Bush Roadmap. While in Kuwait on 26 June, Kerry called on Israel and PLO to renew talks to advance such an outcome before it was too late: "The time is getting near where we need to make some judgments. Last time I was here, I said it's time for leaders to make some hard decisions. That stands. It is time. Why is it urgent? It's urgent because time is the enemy of a peace process." This fatuous statement sounds very hollow when considering virtually the same pronouncement made in 2007 by Jordan's King Abdullah: "We have a finite amount of time. Physically, there may not be a chance for a future Palestinian state. This is why the urgency is now. Is the situation ideal? Far from it. But we have our backs against the wall and I believe that time is running...(Read Full Article)