Obama's Rhetoric Little Noted nor Long Remembered

The press was all anticipation. Something big was going to happen at the Brandenburg Gate. President Obama was coming there to deliver a speech. It would be compared with that immortal address of the young John F. Kennedy on that very site fifty years ago. Here's a sample of the media buzz: Speaking ahead of Obama's address, Gerber suggested the president would struggle to captivate and inspire in the same way Kennedy did 50 years ago this month."Germans will be interested in what Obama has to say, but his speech should not be compared to Kennedy's remarks because those were different times," he added. "For Berliners, the visit of an American president will be no less than the meeting of an old friend." President Obama had a hard act to follow: President Obama. After all, when he spoke at Normandy several years ago, Newsweek's Evan Thomas could hardly contain himself. "He hovers over the nations like a sort of god," Thomas exhaled. Mr. Thomas was hard put, as we are, to recall what...(Read Full Article)