Obama's Court Marks Churches for Death

The American Catholic Church, along with any other religious institution that resists granting "equal status" to homosexuality, is about to be killed. If you doubt this, just wait and see. The death sentence has been issued and the U.S. Supreme Court, cheered on by Barack Obama, has just denied the final appeal. The SCOTUS decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act in effect promises the prestige of explicitly upheld constitutionality to homosexual marriage. (I love my language; "gay" still means "joyful" for me, even if I'm no longer permitted to use it for fear of being misunderstood.) Barack Obama has already reassured his enemies, i.e., people of traditional Judeo-Christian religious views, that this decision will not affect their church practices. Anyone who has seen a mafia film knows what the boss's reassurance means in this context: the reassured man is about to be driven to the docks, where someone is waiting with an ice pick. Here is Obama's kiss of death in his...(Read Full Article)