Obamacare: And Then a Miracle Happens

So the administration has delayed implementation of the employer mandate for one year in what must be a desperate move to avoid an immediate train wreck, a tacit acknowledgment that the mandate is unworkable, or a shrewd and/or cynical political move to get safely past the 2014 election cycle, depending on which theory you find most plausible. But none of this should cause any of us to doubt that the complete Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will ultimately triumph and become a beloved part of our Way of Life, deeply appreciated by a grateful citizenry, right? Let us put aside for a moment the fact that regarding ObamaCare, most Americans have no clue what they are supposed to do or what the law is going to do to them, even though the individual mandate is still officially to go into effect in January and the exchanges are supposed to launch just three months from now (and that's a big "supposed"; try contacting your state insurance department or the HHS and asking for...(Read Full Article)