Obama Fails his People Again

In March, 2011 Eric Holder testified before a congressional committee, feigning outrage at the insinuation that dropping voter intimidation charges against the New Black Panthers was racially motivated. After carefully distinguishing NBP voter intimidation in Philadelphia from the civil rights movement of the 1960s during which individuals "risked all for my people (emphasis added)," Holder pronounced: I just want to assure, again, the American people that the allegations that somehow, someway, the Justice Department does things on the basis of race is simply false. It is simply false. Anybody who makes that contention is not telling the truth, is not familiar with the facts or has a political agenda. It is simply not true. I will not take the time to delve into the apparent racially-biased determinations of the Holder Justice Department. It would be too easy to parse Holder's accusation that anyone paying attention over the past five years is either...(Read Full Article)