No More Mr. Nice Guy

The theme of the 2008 presidential election, you will remember, was post-partisan, post-racial. It was a meme started by young Senate candidate Barack Obama in 2004 in the lull between the publication of his primary opponent's divorce records and his general election opponent's divorce records. Well, we know what the young presidential candidate really thought as he intoned those pious shibboleths. Sucker! And anyone that still didn't get the message only has to read the newspaper. From Lois Lerner at the Federal Election Commission to Lois Lerner at the IRS to the Community Relations Service, a unit in the Department of Justice that deployed agents to Sanford, FL in 2012 to organize and manage rallies against George Zimmerman. Hey sucker! This is the end of the road that started with George W. Bush running for president in 2000 as a "compassionate conservative" and trying to govern as a "uniter not a divider." If Republicans try to be unifiers, we get called racists and bigots and...(Read Full Article)