New and Classic Marriage

The clash of seemingly irreconcilable worldviews concerning single-sex marriage has resulted in a win-lose situation in California where, on the heels of the rulings by the Supreme Court, state government is racing to force the modern concept on all Californians. This is unnecessary, particularly with a massive change like the redefinition of marriage. Until now a truly democratic solution in states like California has not been devised; despite that fact that the Court's majority opinions encourage something other than an imposed, one size fits all, top down approach. In California and other states, gay marriage has been implemented either without a popular vote or over the objection of many voters. Whereas the many states reaffirming traditional marriage have done so by hurdling high legislative and electoral supermajorities (which supermajorities are also required for future change), the few states that have changed to gay marriage by way of a popular vote have just barely eked out...(Read Full Article)