Net-Zero Busybodies

International agreements to lower greenhouse gases like the Kyoto Protocol have proven to be unenforceable, but zoning laws have real teeth. Thus global warming activists have begun to work on the municipal and state level to pass zoning laws that mandate "net-zero" greenhouse gas emissions in new construction, referred to as Net-Zero or "Zero Energy Building" (ZEB) or "Zero Net Energy" (ZNE). A recent Forbes Magazine article summarizes the state of the movement: The net zero building movement (where buildings produce as much or more energy than they consume) remains a nascent phenomenon. As of this time last year, the New Buildings Institute -- the organization that tracks such things -- had recognized only 21 buildings as net zero structures. Only two of these exceeded 15,000 square feet. The concept of net zero construction clearly has a long way to go before it becomes mainstreamed. Unsurprisingly, California has been on the vanguard of net zero building. According to Building...(Read Full Article)