Lies, Damned Lies and University Lies

Lying is an inescapable part of public life but not all liars are equally tolerated. Lying politicians are sufferable but the when it comes to universities, the bar is much higher. After all, if universities refuse to separate truth from falsehoods, who will? It's not that universities always get it right; rather uncovering the truth is, or at least should be, their paramount mission. Unfortunately, as the PC virus continues to spread plague-like, universities have increasingly embraced falsehoods and, to make matter worse, they do so publicly and proudly. Don't believe this? Let me offer Exhibit A: a full-page advertisement in the June 30th New York Times titled "Diversity in Higher Education Remains an Essential National Priority." The ad was sponsored by 37 educational organizations, a Who's Who of the higher-education establishment, from the Association of American Law Schools to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. The ad was triggered by the recent Supreme Court...(Read Full Article)