Legalized Prostitution: A Failed Experiment

A recent National Review Online article by Charles C.W. Cooke argued that legalizing prostitution is a good idea because, "There is really no good philosophical justification for forbidding a prostitute and a 'John' - 'Jane,' sometimes, too - from entering into whatever victimless agreement they so wish." If only the world of prostitution were that simple. The sad fact is, where there is prostitution there is also sex trafficking, for when the demand for prostitutes exceeds the supply, pimps and traffickers create more supply by force. In a 2003 study, Melissa Farley and colleagues interviewed 854 people in nine countries who were currently or recently involved in prostitution. Do you think they found women, children, and men happy to have participated in a "victimless crime?" The answer is "no," they did not. Here is what they did find about the multiple traumas suffered by the victims: 71 percent were physically assaulted in prostitution 63 percent were raped 89 percent...(Read Full Article)