Does Obama justify Snowden?

It would seem natural for conservatives to condemn Snowden for leaking information that directly damages the intelligence community's efforts against terrorists. However, given that Obama appears to be the fulfillment of the Democrat concepts of lawlessness and the acceptability of misusing government information, many conservatives are conflicted. If Snowden revealed government malfeasance, then it is possible his actions were justified. To date there is no evidence that Snowden has actually revealed any direct misuse of power or persecution of citizens by the government. Unlike the IRS scandal, where there is clear evidence of political targeting, nothing in what Snowden has revealed shows that the government misused the data it collected. We have no indication, for example, of Democrats blackmailing people with the information the NSA collected. As a result there appears to be no doubt that Snowden's actions were totally unjustified. However, thanks to Snowden's treason we know...(Read Full Article)