Is ObamaCare Destined to Become a Parking Lot?

Once upon a time, some of us counted heads and concluded that there was little chance of ObamaCare ever becoming law -- or, if through some mischance it did, ever staying law.  But now after the passage of a number of years and any amount of public and private maneuvering, our naiveté has evolved into a much more realistic view of politics.  We now know, for example, that if the left-wing liberal power structure get the chance to put another notch in their gun, they'll pull the trigger, no matter how many innocent people wind up shot.  No matter how many of their own party they have to bribe or threaten, no matter how much they have to lie about what they're doing, no matter how many stories they have to make up about other people.  We also learned that the Republican Party establishment get by only by breathing the air bubbles trapped under the Democratic Party's ice.  And so, despite the election of 2010 -- indeed, in the face of the 2010 election -- the...(Read Full Article)