Is Marco Rubio the New Charlie Crist?

Has Marco Rubio become the new Charlie Crist moderate Republican, angering conservatives to please GOP elites and liberal reporters? Thinking people start to wonder: Does Mexico have some scandalous photographs of Marco Rubio as a young man in its back pocket? In other words, what is motivating Marco Rubio's banzai suicide charge? Now, a political movement has started to draft flamboyant former Congressman Allen West to run against Marco Rubio for US Senate in Florida in the 2016 Republican primary. Allen West gave some encouragement in a radio interview. Political leaders are pooh-poohing Allen Wes, asserting he'd have an uphill struggle to defeat Marco Rubio who currently has only a ho-hum 51% approval rating against notable 35% disapproval. Similar politicos predicted that Marco Rubio had no chance of defeating moderate Republican Charlie Crist! If Rubio could beat Charlie Crist, Allen West can beat Rubio. And for the same reason: Voters don't like being...(Read Full Article)