Finally, a Window of Opportunity to Save America

Independence Day is my buddy Donald's favorite movie; he's watched it at least ten times.  Humongous alien spacecraft are defeating America's air force, blowing our jets out of the sky.  Our missiles have no effect on the them because they are protected by a force-field. An American scientist figures out a way to dismantle the enemy's force-field, providing a window of opportunity for our air force to bomb the aliens into oblivion.  America defeats the evil aggressors, and Donald cheers! Folks, life in America as we know it is under attack by a humongous, powerful, seemingly invincible evil aggressor: the Obama administration.  Like the aliens in the movie, Obama has also been protected by an impenetrable force-field of liberal mainstream media bias and white guilt. Obama's protective force-field allows him to almost daily launch missiles of Orwellian controls, executive orders, and in-your-face lawless power-grabs, devastating our freedoms, our liberty, and...(Read Full Article)