European Union Plays Judge And Jury

The decision by the European Union (EU) to boycott Jewish organisations and institutions based in the West Bank and East Jerusalem will bring much joy to the Arab world in its ongoing hate campaign of denigration and demonization of the Jewish State. The EU announcement heralds the end of any influence it has as a member of the Quartet -- America, Russia, the United Nations, and the EU -- which itself can now no longer claim to act as an impartial negotiator seeking to bring about an end to the long-running conflict between Jews and Arabs whilst the EU remains a member. The EU cannot be surprised if Israel takes retaliatory action in response to its decision including any of the following: 1. Forbidding the transfer of EU funds to nongovernment organisations in Israel engaged in activities designed to advance the interests of the Israeli Arab population to the detriment of the Jewish majority. 2. Ending all cooperation with the EU in Area C of the West Bank by terminating existing...(Read Full Article)