Eric Holder and the Fugitives: Marc Rich and Edward Snowden

The recent passing of Marc Rich, the billionaire commodities trader and former fugitive brings back a specter from Attorney General Eric Holder's past, and leaves open a question of just how Mr. Holder might deal with today's most celebrated fugitive: NSA leaker Edward Snowden.  On June 14, Holder stated that "the person (Snowden) who is responsible for the leaks will be held accountable," and the Justice Department filed a criminal complaint against Snowden that same day. But looking back at the way Mr. Holder dealt with Marc Rich while he was Deputy Attorney General during Bill Clinton's second term, "accountable" is definitely not a word that he should be allowed to use. In the summer of 1983 while under federal investigation, Rich and his business partner Pincus Green fled the U.S. for the friendlier confines of Switzerland. That September, they were the targets of a 51-count federal indictment in...(Read Full Article)