Egypt Runs Out of Other Peoples' Money

I don't know too much about Islam and the Prophet. But I do know this: governments tend to fall when they run out of other peoples' money. So it doesn't matter whether the government in Egypt is run by Gamal Abdel Nasser or Hosni Mubarak or Mohamed Morsi or whoever. The government is broke, and that means it can't keep those food and fuel subsidies going. Millions flood into the streets. End of story. You would think that the wise heads of the world would have decided by now that subsidies on food and fuel are a really bad idea because it is almost impossible to to turn them off without millions in the streets. Talk about settled science! It doesn't help that greenies in the United States have paid farmers to plant half the corn belt in corn for ethanol and have sent food prices into the stratosphere. Maybe those Islamic extremists should stop talking about the U.S. as the Great Satan and get nasty about the upper-class environmentalists that are starving their children.Here in the...(Read Full Article)