Dangerous Times: When America Supports Evil

When the United States resisted Soviet imperialism over seven decades, liberals lost no opportunity to accuse the country of supporting evil. Then the Soviet Union fell, in good part because its own people realized that free markets and electoral democracy were better for them. In the eyes of Europe and Asia we won because they realized we had the moral advantage. That is why China now has a wealthy entrepreneurial class, and why Russia just introduced a 14% flat tax. No, those places are not ideal, not even close. But they are better than before. Communist regimes murdered 100 million people for resisting the revolutionary ruling class. By leading the West in opposition, the United States always kept a clear moral narrative. In every major conflict, the United States has sought not only military victory, but a clear moral logic. The Civil War had two moral goals: To preserve the union and to abolish slavery. Both caused huge arguments in the country. We are indeed the only country in...(Read Full Article)