Dangerous Times: When America Supports Evil

When the United States resisted Soviet imperialism over seven decades, liberals lost no opportunity to accuse the country of supporting evil. Then the Soviet Union fell, in good part because its own people realized that free markets and electoral democracy were better for them. In the eyes of Europe and Asia we won because they realized we had the moral advantage. That is why China now has a wealthy entrepreneurial class, and why Russia just introduced a 14% flat tax. No, those places are not ideal, not even close. But they are better than before.

Communist regimes murdered 100 million people for resisting the revolutionary ruling class. By leading the West in opposition, the United States always kept a clear moral narrative.

In every major conflict, the United States has sought not only military victory, but a clear moral logic. The Civil War had two moral goals: To preserve the union and to abolish slavery. Both caused huge arguments in the country.

We are indeed the only country in the world that was founded on a clear moral and political program. The Constitution and Declaration are first of all statements of the moral values and goals of the founders. That wasn't just empty twaddle we see every day in the leftist media; real morality not an ego game. It is a high standard of conduct for ourselves as individuals, and together, as a society.

The United States does not seek conflict; our major wars have had an evident defensive narrative, from 1776 to 1990. We have always had heated debates about the morality of our actions. That is entirely appropriate. But we have never stopped seeking the moral high ground, and often achieved it.

The Obama Administration has lost that narrative.

Obama is the most cynical and amoral president we have ever had, if you look at his actions and not at his words.

In Egypt both sides are now blaming us for their near-civil war, and they are both right. Obama lost the moral high ground when he destabilized Egypt, the greatest Arab pillar of Middle Eastern peace, by forcing Hosni Mubarak to resign. To make it worse, Obama then supported the Muslim Brotherhood, which immediately introduced their own Shari'ah-leaning constitution, squeezing out political rivals, ignored the judiciary, and took over the armed forces.

There is a reason why Brother Morsi was just thrown out of power. Nobody in Egypt trusted him. He received 51% percent of the vote, but he was trying to grab 100% of the power.

In Egypt we are now caught between one kind of evil -- the kind that kills young girls who meet boys without the father's permission -- and another kind of evil, a coup d'etat. Thank you, Mr. Obama.

In Syria this administration is doing even worse things, because now we are supporting Al Qaida rebels against the Assad regime. At least 100,000 Arabs have killed each other in Syria, and there is no end in sight. And we knowingly empowered the worst kinds of Islamic terrorists.

In Libya we threw out the obnoxious but fairly peaceful Muammar Gaddafi without any plausible rationale at all. In Benghazi Ambassador Stevens was smuggling great quantities of Libyan arms to Al Qaida in Syria. We were throwing gasoline on the fire. Where is the morality in that?

And now, in Afghanistan, we are bypassing the elected government of Hamid Karzai to negotiate with the murderous throwbacks of the Taliban --- who protected Osama bin Laden while he was preparing the Twin Towers attack on 9/11/01.

And in Iran --- we are supporting the worst throwback regime in the Middle East.

Obama has meddled everywhere in the Middle East but not in Iran.

That lesson is not lost on other countries in the world: For Barack Hussein Obama it is power that counts. Nothing else comes close.

We've lost the story line.

We can no longer tell the difference between good and evil.

The ACORN organizer manual states it very plainly.

"This is a mass organization directed at political power where might makes right."

We have the most cynical, secretive and manipulative administration in history.

If mainstream America ever wins another national election it will have a lot of damage to repair.