Dangerous Times: Obama's Arab Spring Logic

Wanna have an authentic people's revolution?  Wanna have an Arab Spring? Well, Egypt is having a people's revolution of sorts, as the Egyptian military have cobbled together a political coalition ranging from the Coptic pope to the hyper-reactionary Salafists.  They all support the overthrow of Brother Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is a community organizer by profession.  He knows all about organizing "spontaneous" demonstrations for the people's revolution.  The tricky thing is deciding who  represents the real people.  In the long history of communist agitators -- the original term for "community organizers" -- they always get that part wrong.  In the Soviet Union, the kulaks were never real people, but the tiny Bolshevik mob thugs were the authentic vox populi.  After all, Vladimir Lenin told them so. Obama can tell the real voice of the people in the Muslim world, because, as he told Hillary in the White House, according to...(Read Full Article)