Dangerous Times: Obama's Arab Spring Logic

Wanna have an authentic people's revolution?  Wanna have an Arab Spring?

Well, Egypt is having a people's revolution of sorts, as the Egyptian military have cobbled together a political coalition ranging from the Coptic pope to the hyper-reactionary Salafists.  They all support the overthrow of Brother Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obama is a community organizer by profession.  He knows all about organizing "spontaneous" demonstrations for the people's revolution.  The tricky thing is deciding who  represents the real people.  In the long history of communist agitators -- the original term for "community organizers" -- they always get that part wrong.  In the Soviet Union, the kulaks were never real people, but the tiny Bolshevik mob thugs were the authentic vox populi.  After all, Vladimir Lenin told them so.

Obama can tell the real voice of the people in the Muslim world, because, as he told Hillary in the White House, according to the New York Times and the Carnegie Endowment, "The best revolutions are organic."  

Let's call it the "arugula standard" of revolutionary authenticity.  People like Ayers and Jodie Evans understand these things in Hyde Park, Illinois.  The rule of thumb is: If they hate America, they are authentic, and you gotta send them money,  arms, and propaganda media clowns.

How do you tell who's a real organic revolutionary to Obama?  Well, the more radical they are, the farther they want to go back to the Muslim Dark Ages, and the more leftover leftists like George Soros they have on board,  the more "authentic" they are.

This is the same logic our vaunted media use to prove that  Governor Sarah Palin is not a real woman and Justice Clarence Thomas is not a real black man.  These folks understand in their bones who is authentic and who isn't.  It's radical chic: Jeremiah Wright, authentic.  Lt. Col. Allen West, a total phony.

So here is how our president decides on the fate of nations.

1. You can overthrow Muslim regimes in nations like Egypt, where Obama told President Hosni Mubarak to "leave now" in February of 2011.


... if you tell Brother Morsi to "leave now" today, that's a profound violation of democratic principles.

2. You can invade Libya with no provocation, and start a civil war against Moammar Gaddafi, without even checking with the U.S. Congress.


You're not allowed to overthrow the nuke-happy mullahs in Tehran, no matter how often they threaten to destroy their neighbors -- not just Israel and America, but also the Arab Gulf regimes.

3. In 2011 you can celebrate the authentic people's revolution in Tahrir Square as it is twitter-mobbed by one Google Vice President Walid Ghoneim, from a safe loft in New York City.  That Tahrir demonstration proved that the authentic people of Egypt rejected Mubarak.


In 2013 you can't celebrate another tweeted people's revolution in Tahrir Square because it violates true democratic principles.

And, needless to say, you couldn't possibly celebrate the young people of Iran's Green Revolution, even if they are fighting the moral monsters of mullahdom.

But wait -- there's more!

4. You can fight al-Qaeda by killing Osama bin Laden, and the media will celebrate your victory.


It's okay to arm and train al-Qaeda in Syria, where they are killing Assad's troops and any Christians they happen to run across.

5. You can direct Predator assassinations at Taliban killers in Afghanistan, the worst reactionary throwbacks in the modern world.


You have to sabotage Afghanistan's elected President Karzai to negotiate a "peace" settlement with those very same Taliban, as Obama is doing even now.

Get it? 

I don't.

Where's the logic? Where is the coherence?  Where is the strategic purpose?  Is it just to stir up trouble in Muslim nations on the chance that Obama can manipulate the outcome?  Is this revolution for its own sake?

Dare I ask, where is the moral core of this administration?

Let me know if you can figure it  out.