Choosing Evil

Clare M. Lopez is that vanishing rarity in Washington, a professional intelligence analyst who tells the truth. This week she writes about Obama's systematic surrender in the Jihad War, the aggressive war on America that our political class has denied since September 11, 2001. Lopez confirms in detail what many of us suspected: under Obama the US has flipped to the side of Islamic aggression. She writes, "... the United States of America has apparently abandoned the core principles of its Founding Fathers and capitulated to the forces of jihad and shariah.... " Amazingly, the administration seems to follow the Muslim Brotherhood's ideological imam, Yousef al-Qaradawi.        It sure looks like we are now Qaradawi's string puppet: "When al-Qaradawi said that Mubarak had to go, the U.S. waited a whole three days before throwing America's key ally in the Middle East for over three decades under the bus. When al-Qaradawi called for Libyan rebels...(Read Full Article)