Bowing to Moscow

In March of 2011 Vice President Joe Biden made a two-day visit to Moscow. His purpose was, among other things, to assist Russia's government in gaining admission to the World Trade Organization. Not only didn't Russia pay the U.S. a consulting fee for Biden's valuable assistance, it wouldn't even put him up during his visit. Before I tell you how much American taxpayers shelled out instead for the privilege of advising Russia for free how to win friends and influence people, and what Americans may be facing when our athletes travel to Russia for the winter Olympics, you may want to have your Pepto Bismol handy. When the Christian Science Monitor reported on Biden's visit, it said that Biden had accomplished nothing, except maybe to reassure the Rooskies that they were well loved by his boss, whose "reset" policy would continue in full force and effect. In my view, Biden's failure to achieve any goal in furthering Obama's appeasement policy was actually a good thing, but a damned...(Read Full Article)