Being Schooled About Transgenders

The days are long gone when the public school systems across the country focused on teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Education these days involves indoctrination, far more than teaching children to think clearly and to recognize demagoguery and propaganda. Too often, our schools -- from pre-school to graduate programs -- are saturated with so-called "progressive" ideology.  Even when they cannot read or do basic math, children can spout the latest cultural truism, what Justice Scalia might term "argle-bargle." They know where to buy condoms or obtain birth control; they "know" that global warming is the greatest threat facing mankind. And, today, it is becoming perfectly normal for "transgender" students to pop in and out of whichever bathroom they want to use. In the latest push to normalize people who believe they were born the wrong gender and want to live as the opposite, elementary school girls in a Colorado school district were ordered by a court to share their...(Read Full Article)