Before James Rosen, There Was James O'Keefe

"On the morning of January 25, 2010, I woke curled up in a fetal position, on a green mattress stained with seminal fluid, to the sound of my fellow prisoners chanting the Qu'ran."  So begins the bestselling new action-adventure memoir/battle plan by James O'Keefe, Breakthough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy. Although Fox reporter James Rosen has gotten much-deserved attention for the Obama administration's assault on his privacy, according to the liberal Huffington Post, at least, he "got off easy."  As Ryan Grim writes, presumably with a straight face, "[a]fter searching his email and tracking his whereabouts, the Department of Justice has not jailed or prosecuted the Fox News journalist, which the Obama administration says reflects its deep respect for the role of a free press." Even the Huffington Post cannot say the same about twenty-something guerilla journalist James O'Keefe.  Some three and a half years ago, the New Orleans wing of the...(Read Full Article)