Another Obama Comrade

While doing my usual survey of People's World, Communist Party USA's (CPUSA) successor publication to the Daily Worker, a particular headline caught my eye, "Beatrice Lumpkin's extraordinary book about her extraordinary life." Given my research in this area, "Lumpkin" rang a bell -- for reasons I need not elaborate upon here. Suffice to say, Beatrice Lumpkin is still with us, an old communist (literally) at age 94 -- and today in the tank for Barack Obama. Her life and relationship with our president is illuminating. For the record, People's World doesn't mention Lumpkin's relationship with Obama. That isn't surprising. I find that the writers and editors there seem to hold back in hailing Obama too openly and glowingly, knowing how conservatives might use the information. They have been guarded in their encomiums for our president. This article was no exception. For details on Lumpkin's relationship with Obama, you need to check out her book, as I have and discuss below. But first,...(Read Full Article)