Poor Lil' Huma

Poor lil' Huma, croaks the liberal media. A wifey ensnared in her infamous husband's sordid sexual adventures. Huma Abedin is a victim -- victimhood being a checkbox for libs and a handy excuse for anyone who runs afoul the law, stupid choices, indecency, laziness, Faustian deals with the devil, trumped-up racism, trumped-up homophobia, trumped-up xenophobia, real political corruption, hand-washing compulsion, and whatever else can be appended to victimhood. Poor lil' Huma is a victim, all right. She's a victim of her own self-willed choice; of a match made not much from kismet than cold calculation. If Huma's a victim, then Barney Frank's squeeze never ran a brothel out of Barney's townhouse. The dirty little not-so secret is that the liberal establishment is circling the wagons around one of their own. Hillary Rodham Clinton, wagon master. Abedin is a close confidant of Hillary, ergo, she runs in very high circles among Democrat and liberal power elite. She is an ambitious woman...(Read Full Article)