Poor Lil' Huma

Poor lil' Huma, croaks the liberal media. A wifey ensnared in her infamous husband's sordid sexual adventures. Huma Abedin is a victim -- victimhood being a checkbox for libs and a handy excuse for anyone who runs afoul the law, stupid choices, indecency, laziness, Faustian deals with the devil, trumped-up racism, trumped-up homophobia, trumped-up xenophobia, real political corruption, hand-washing compulsion, and whatever else can be appended to victimhood.

Poor lil' Huma is a victim, all right. She's a victim of her own self-willed choice; of a match made not much from kismet than cold calculation. If Huma's a victim, then Barney Frank's squeeze never ran a brothel out of Barney's townhouse.

The dirty little not-so secret is that the liberal establishment is circling the wagons around one of their own. Hillary Rodham Clinton, wagon master. Abedin is a close confidant of Hillary, ergo, she runs in very high circles among Democrat and liberal power elite. She is an ambitious woman who is considered to have a very promising future politically or there related. She is an insider with plenty of insider's knowledge.

Hill and her allies are determined to save Abedin from what amounts to a marriage calculated to help boost Abedin's fortunes but has gone terribly awry. Awry, that is, in terms of the initial damage control failing to squelch Tony Weiner's sex scandal. Savvy Huma Abedin didn't even have a teenie-weenie hint that her beau had certain tastes sexually, like exhibitionism? Tony Weiner, who tweeted photos of his genitalia hither and yon?

Come on. Let's sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. What say?

When Abedin tied the knot with pre-vert Tony Weiner, Tony was still riding high politically, a -- shall we say, ballsy - lib's lib with nowhere to go but up in the House Democratic Caucus... or, eventually, the U.S. Senate, New Y-ork's governorship, or in the Big Apple, Tony's stomping grounds, as fabulously rich and inbred Emperor Mike Bloomberg's successor.

It was a marriage made in liberal secular heaven. Young, pretty Muslim Huma Adedin ties the knot with middle-aged, homely, Jewish, up-and-comer Tony Weiner. Fantastic storyline, that pairing: Mohamed meets Moses, or some such. A power relationship with a real twist, it was doubtlessly fancied.

But that was before Tony Weiner sexted his way into Jay Leno's nightly standup routines and a dead-end future (unless New Yorkers, with the street-savvy sense of humor that only New Yorkers' possess, put pre-vert Tony Weiner in Gracie Mansion. Wouldn't that be a kick?).

Writes USA Today, in a cynical bleating so typical of the liberal media:

Huma Abedin learned the part of supportive political spouse from the expert: Hillary Rodham Clinton. Now she is trying to save her husband's political career from a sex scandal the same way her mentor did: own up, declare it private, and move on.

Let's fact-correct and interpret that reportage. Hillary handed Abedin her well-worn script for dealing with a known, serially sexually aggressive husband -- our former randy Mt. Rushmorian president, Bill. Hill is loaning Abedin her well-thumbed Rolodex of professional and informal Clinton scandal fixers, no doubt. Oh, and that's "sex scandals" surrounding Bill, not a "sex scandal," as USA Today disinforms. The "own up, declare it private, and move on" trope is Crisis Management 101, which Hillary has memorized.

And this from the USA Today article, right from Abedin's own trembling lips:

"It took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where I could forgive Anthony,'' she said, "I made a decision that it was worth staying in this marriage.''

Well... uh... well... Jeepers, we can't really know Abedin's true intentions, one may argue. Maybe she has a soft spot in her heart for her shmucky-lug-of-a-pre-vert-husband. But one can suspect -- reasonably -- that Abedin is just... plain... stuck.

Hate to go all -Sopranos here, but backing out of the marriage with Tony Weiner might have... consequences. See, Tony knows things about Abedin and Hillary that might be a tad -- what's the word -- "compromising" if publicly aired. Everyone knows Hill and her pre-vert hubby, Bill; have all sorts of things tucked away in their closets. One imagines that Hill's closet isn't much smaller than Bill's, with an amplitude of dirt piled up.

Tony Weiner -- jobless, wifeless, outcast by his former lib chums, and with few prospects -- might find squealing for ready cash tempting (more tempting than sexting a lewd query to an Indiana "farm girl," the intriguingly named "Sydney Leathers?" Perhaps. Does one get a whiff of S&M with the name "Leathers?"). Or, maybe, Tony Weiner would be motivated by a primordial spite to go public about his lil' Huma and dish whatever dirt he can?

Tony, as any degenerate must be, is unhinged (that can be safely tweeted). For Abedin, it may be a variation of the trusty old line: "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." In this case, Abedin needs to keep her Tony Weiner close or he might spin off into becoming a very public, bitter, yakking degenerate.

Why Tony Weiner's sexual tastes are depraved or perverse to libs is a head-scratcher, in the first place. Tony is just exploring and expressing with uninhibited delight his sexual self. Isn't that what the ongoing Sexual Revolution is all about? Knocking down barriers and allowing every man, woman, child, sheep, and goat to be as gloriously sexually liberated as they please? All that straitjacketed Puritanism went out the window decades ago, didn't it?

The catch is that among flyover country cretins, there remains a residual and stubborn clinging to not just guns but the bible -- yes, that bible, with all its knuckle-dragging admonitions and obstacles to unbounded sexual freedom. The cretins, see, still vote -- that is, until Barack Obama, the NSA, and the IRS get around to ending that "prerogative," on John Roberts' decided constitutional grounds, of course.

Pro-sexual liberation libs still need to tread carefully lest those bible-thumping cretins punish them with votes for Republicans, who, whatever their -- generally -- private sexual inclinations, want nothing to do with the left's sexual anything-goes credo. Peoria still doesn't like perversion.

Which brings us back to Huma Abedin, trapped in a spider's web of her own weaving. Tony Weiner was a boffo choice for marriage before his dark, creepy sexual urges were captured forever digitally. Before dweebie Tony Weiner burst forth as "Carlos Danger, the Super Slob that No Shorts could Contain."

Abedin, a victim? That's just what liberaldom and Hillary want you to believe.