Why not Zimbabwe?

When I heard about President Barack Obama's plans for a $100 million trip to Africa with his family and entourage, I was surprised that Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) is not on the itinerary. I would think that Zimbabwe would be a place that President Obama would especially like to visit, because Zimbabwe is a country where almost all of Obama's redistributionist dreams have come true. And Zimbabwe's president, Robert Mugabe (an avowed Marxist) is surely among Obama's pantheon of heroes and role models (along with Marx, Stalin, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Saul Alinsky and Rev. Jeremiah Wright). Robert Mugabe has presided over the "fundamental transformation" of a thriving Rhodesia, once "the breadbasket of Africa" (and a nation with significant heavy industry including mining, iron, and steel) into a Zimbabwe dependent on imports of food and emergency relief supplies to fend off starvation of its population. Mugabe favored a one-party state, total black rule, and a monopoly on land. He...(Read Full Article)