Why Israel is Losing the Internet War

Israel is losing the internet war for chiefly the same reason that France and Poland fell early in World War II. Israel is fighting a new war using old methods. The end results are predictable and devastating. The first alarm bells should have gone off in the mid 90's. What struck me at that time was the number  of Neo-Nazi websites that sprung up like weeds. It was not until a few years later that the ADL was offering filtering software. By then the battle had been lost; the damage had not yet been fully appreciated. In 1999, Hollywood was having conniptions that Napster's file sharing software was robbing them of royalties. What was ignored was that, simultaneously, regurgitated Nazi propaganda was being remastered and traded as well. By 2000, Israel should have acted, but it didn't. With the ease of purchasing domains, anyone with an anti-Israel bias could open up a site. Cross-linking got them a high presence on Google. It wasn't until Jew Watch -- a vicious anti-Semitic...(Read Full Article)