Why Democrats will Never Secure the Border

As immigration reform is discussed in Washington, the sticking point will be, predictably, that Democrats will insist on amnesty and not agree to any verifiable method of closing and securing the southern border. Democrats, as I have argued here before, pursue an electoral strategy based on demographics. And since they have controlled most of the big cities of the U.S. -- Los Angeles as well as the cities of the Northwest, Midwest, and Northeast -- their primary concern is to continue their demographic strategy of electoral security. Since the electoral college is based upon population the best way for Democrats to win elections is to maintain and increase the populations of their cities and states. Consequently they see immigration reform as a threat to their demographic strategy. They see immigration reform from a cost-benefit perspective. Right now illegal immigration is a win-win situation for them. Their sponsorship of illegal immigration has gained them the majority of Hispanic...(Read Full Article)