Two GOP Turncoats

Last week was an exceptionally ignominious one for Americans who care about the U.S. House of Representatives (granted, an endangered species). Not one but two epic new lows were recorded in that body's tormented history. First, let's talk about the dingbat. The area north of the City of Detroit, from the western bank of Lake St. Clair to the town of Southfield on Route 39, and as far north as the Charter Township of Clinton, is Michigan's 12th U.S. Congressional District. Ever since 1933, without interruption and for a jaw-dropping period of eighty-one years, the 12th has been ruled by one man and his son. A man, a Democrat (but no democrat), called Dingell. Eighty. One. Years. Last week, the son became the longest-serving member of the U.S. House in the body's entire history. John D. Dingell, Jr., the son, entered the People's House in 1955 and as of last Friday had spent 20,997 consecutive days there, one day longer than the previous record holder, fellow Democrat Robert C. Bird....(Read Full Article)