Transforming America One Political Appointee at a Time

Even Democrat partisans like James Carville describe the latest Obama political appointees as "in your face" appointments. President Obama just named two very controversial, radical women to top-level foreign-policy appointments in his administration. Susan Rice has been appointed the next National Security Adviser -- significantly, this choice does not require Senate clearance. Such a clearance would be highly unlikely because Ms. Rice figured prominently in the recent Benghazi debacle for her role as the television front-person promoting the myth that the Benghazi massacre was fanned into reality by an obscure Christian video.  The President also nominated the highly controversial and even more radical Samantha Power to replace Ms. Rice as the American U.N. ambassador.  Glenn Beck called Ms. Power the "most dangerous" woman in America and Sean Hannity identified her (and her husband) among the "10 most dangerous people in the Obama administration." Clearly, she is a very...(Read Full Article)