Time to Keep the Door Closed?

For nearly 30 years, I have labored in the vineyard of academe, doing my best to transmit something of Western culture and civilization to an audience which cares little for it; like most classicists, I am conscious of fighting a rear-guard action on behalf of an army that marched away and disbanded years ago. Still, I maintain a decent enough enrollment and occasionally encourage a student or two to major in the field; in reality, too few opportunities for employment exist to encourage more than a precious few to the calling. I do not complain -- being a working Classicist is, inherently, a good thing. I am, however, puzzled over one thing -- the occasionally maddening behavior of my colleagues, whom I appear on occasion to cause to turn rabid because of my political affiliations. I am the only political conservative in my department, a foreign-language farrago in which I hold the Classics enclave as a personal fiefdom in near-perpetuity by virtue of being the sole classicist and a...(Read Full Article)