The Victims of Immigration Reform

In virtually all recent polls the overriding concern facing the people of the United States is the moribund economy.   Per the Rasmussen survey out of 15 issues 80% of all respondents listed the economy as the most important followed by: 2) health care,  3) job creation,  4) government ethics and corruption and,  5) government spending.   The least important were:  1) war in Afghanistan,  2) environment,  3) energy,  4) national security and, 5) immigration.  () Naturally the thrust of the administration and its allies in Congress is so-called "comprehensive" immigration reform, and for the Obama regime it is to impose by fiat onerous regulations on energy production and usage as a sop to the radical environmental movement.   Both drastically and negatively impact the top issue on the list: the economy. The American people, unlike those in the well-heeled bubble that is Washington D.C., have and are still...(Read Full Article)