The Schools' Sinister War on Guns

Call it living in Upside-down Land or the realization of the Bible's prediction of a time when bad will be called good and good, bad, but once again innocent schoolchildren have been persecuted for, well, just being children. This time the offender was Chase Lake Elementary School (CLES) in Edmonds, WA, where some kids were suspended for using Nerf guns on school grounds. And it's an all-too-common story. A child will be punished for drawing a gun, shaping his fingers as one and saying "bang!" merely talking about guns or some other innocuous action. And recently there was a case of a five-year-old boy who brought a cap gun to school to show a friend and then was interrogated for two hours until he wet his pants. It's all very bizarre and very twisted. In the Edmonds case, the children were told that they could bring the toys to school, but I'm not interested in individual details but deeper matters. And make no mistake, something deeper is afoot here. To introduce this, let's start...(Read Full Article)