The Other Court-Packing Scandal

Conservatives have recently woken up to President Obama's attempt to pack the D.C. Circuit court of appeals with liberal judges.  What little attention the media has dedicated to court packing has entirely revolved around that court.  While it is understandable that the media is focused on the D.C. Circuit, one of the most prestigious courts in the country, it is a mistake to ignore the President's even more outrageous attempt to pack another court with sympathetic judges.  The United States Court of Federal Claims is a specialty court located just across the street from the White House.  The Court serves an important function: it adjudicates claims for monetary damages, including takings claims, brought against the United States government.  The first thing one notices upon entering the courthouse is President Lincoln's quote -- "It is as much the duty of Government to render prompt justice against itself in favor of citizens as it is to administer the same...(Read Full Article)