The Obama Avalanche

Like the grains of sand in the "creepy" sculpture of Obama at the 2012 Democratic National Convention that were blown away by bad weather, it is only a matter of time until the stones constituting the protective wall around the Obama narrative begin to tumble.  After all, a single pebble can start an avalanche.  The foundation of the Obama image, already weakened by broken promises and a floundering economy, has been seriously rocked by some explosive revelations in the Benghazi and IRS investigations.  Completing a trifecta of "serial shocks," real tremors began when it dawned first on the AP and then the rest of the mainstream media: their hero might not be made of the stuff they've been peddling, and worse, may provide an unflattering image of the place where leftist stuff eventually leads.  The AP's reporting of a potential fourth scandal over secret e-mail addresses might nudge that crucial pebble. Obama's own narcissism is partly to blame, as he relied...(Read Full Article)