The GOP and the IRS

As usual, the Congress is all over a scandal after the fact.  The hearings on the IRS fiasco are good theatre and admittedly necessary; but where were the Republicans, not only over the past three years that the IRS was targeting conservative groups, but over the past three decades as the more and more power was granted to this same agency -- an agency with the potential to be transformed into a de facto secret police.  The Republicans were, by consistently agreeing to more complexities in the tax code and the need for stringent tax enforcement due to ever expanding government expenditures, complicit in the creation of a bureaucracy now out of control. While tax reform is always a good item for inclusion in the Party's platform and sounds great on the campaign trail, it has never been seriously attempted as the nearly 74,000 pages of the tax code is one of the foundational elements of power in Washington D.C.  Within that immense waste of paper there is essentially...(Read Full Article)