The Dull Bland Leftist Media

The left ever seeks to be what it is not.  It lusts after "justice" and instead creates that totalitarian obscenity "social justice," indifferent to (or more likely simply unaware of) the fact that every effort to create social and economic "equality" with the whip of state power actually diminishes equality of opportunity for the individual. The left pines that society is not "green," yet it rails against nuclear families and celebrates divorce (which doubles housing demands); it opposes home-schooling in favor of giant, impersonal, energy-eating public schools; and it sneers at nature-loving recreations like fishing and mocks small towns and their values in favor of huge, smoke-belching cities. The left prattles endlessly about the need for "education," even as it ruthlessly purges all schools of thought except the one demanded by the hive of leftism at this instant and so debases all learning, all research, and all study into puerile shallowness and dim griminess. The...(Read Full Article)