The Camelot Fraud

We are coming up fast on the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.  While it is good and proper to respectfully note the assassination of any political leader in America, the establishment left in America has tried since November 1963 to bleat, blame, and badger their countrymen into accepting the false notion that Kennedy was a great president or, indeed, a good man.  The assassination of his brother five years later magnified this theme. What is the truth about JFK?  How ought we to view this president in the light of what we know now? Every new revelation about JFK since his death makes him look worse.  Consider his military career.  PT boats were small, fast, and nimble.  Any competent skipper would have used these advantages, but Kennedy managed the remarkable feat of being the only PT skipper in the Second World War to have his boat rammed.  If his name had not been "Kennedy," he might have face court martial instead...(Read Full Article)